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About Anurag Hospital

Anurag Hospital is a 30 bedded multispecialty hosiptal in Coimbatore, India. Read more..

Comprehensive Care

Anurag Hospital has a variety of departments for your individual needs and your all round well being. Our Departments..

Quality Healthcare Services

Anurag Hospital is a symbol of relentless pursuance towards rendering sophisticated high quality care, at an affordable cost. Our Services..

 Why Us?

Great Infrastructure

We are proud to offer you the best treatment with our latest technology in Advanced Laproscopic Surgery, 30 beds and round the clock care.

Experienced Doctors

Our doctors have over 35 years of experience and will work with you to provide the best treatment plan suited for your individual needs.

Medical Tourism

We treat patients from around the world. Coimbatore is well connected with an International Airport. Multitude of beautiful places to visit in and around Coimbatore.

Health Tip from Dr. John Thanakumar

Lifestyle Changes for Everyone

The A-J in Blood Pressure Control

  • A- Aerobics and Exercise.
  • B- Be in Perace. No Stress.
  • C- Coffee reduction.
  • D- Drink only in moderation
  • E- Eat healthy, Less Salt.
  • F- Fat, Lose the excess.
  • G- Gauge your BP often.
  • H- Hip size, reduce it.
  • I- Inhale less Smoke.
  • J- Jesus (God) never fails
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