Dr W Solomon,

GP in UK, Trainer and Appraiser for the NHS,London,

I have known Dr John Thanakumar for 43 years . From a good friend, he has come a world renowned Laparoscopic Surgeon. He has built a wonderful hospital. I will have no hesitation to refer patients to him from UK.




Dr Nithya Mhalsekar,

Dubai , UAE.

I have undergone laparoscopic myomectomy. The entire process was very smooth and painless. The ambience was good and the staff are very co operative. I am thankful to Dr John and the entire team for being so supportive and caring and I wish them all the success and achievements for the welfare of the people.




Rose Michelle Achievg


Thanks so much for the good work that you are offering to the paeints from all over the world. I have got the best world class service that I never expected that I would get anywhere else.

I thank Dr John Thanakumar and Dr Neena John for having given me the best in Anurag Hospital.

God bless!




Dr Sritharan FRCS(ortho),

M Ch Ortho, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

It is with greatest pleasure I pen a note.

I am very happy and impressed with your care and expertise given to my close friend when you resected the Massive Abdominal Tumor.

You co ordinated a beautiful team of an anesthetist, gynecologist and urologist each brilliant in his own field.

Your fain in the Lord will cure anyone who steps into Anurag Hospital.

God bless this Institute and may it grow and grow to keep all in need.




Enai Seidougha Elizabeth,

Ikeja Lagos State, Nigeria

I am truly privileged in my lie to have met a rare gem in the field of medicine, an ion and a doctor with a Gifted Hand. A doctor with a difference impacting life’s medically and touching the hearts of people in words and action.

Dr Neena John- a graceful and virtuous doctor . A woman of great strength. My mother and I thank you for your love, support, encouragement and warmth embrace throughout our stay in the hospital. My you continue to soar like the eagle and God bless the works of your Gifted Hands.

Dr Pravin John- with heart felt gratitude, I say thank you for your advice, encouragement and support in work and action.

May Anurag Hospital grow from Strength to Strength and Glory to Glory.




Zahra Muhd Gana

Kabuga hausing Estate Kano.

I am very happy to be in Anurag hospital for laparoscopic surgery because the hospital is good and all the nurses and doctors are very nice to me. I enjoy my stay in the hospital and I am hoping that some day I will see you again. Thank you.




Patrik Nyambega

Microbiologist, Kenya.

I am very happy to say that the services provided in Anurag Hospital are worthwhile. This experience is got after our patient by the name Rose Michelle underwent surgery from Anurag Hospital. According to information from her , she saluted the doctors every day and wishes them the best in what they do.

I do appreciate the good work done by the doctors. May God bless you.